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about us

Company is dedicated to bringing together friends and strangers to experience the magic of community that happens when we gather to share our common passion for knitting. We believe that time spent with others who share our passions is essential. We believe in the restorative power of community and in the ideas and inspiration that come from the moments we are with others. We want to share those moments with you, our fellow knitters.

We're Julie Hoover and Catherine Lowe.  We can't wait to knit with you.


Julie Hoover

Recognized for her minimal aesthetic and attention to fine detail, Julie focuses on designing knitwear that is simultaneously causal and elegant—a signature style that has developed over the years in her work as a visual merchandiser, art director and freelance designer. Her passion for knitting began in 2008, and quickly led her down the path of focusing entirely on knitwear design (finally finding the right niche for her BA in Clothing & Textiles). Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Julie spends her time designing as part of the in-house design team for Brooklyn Tweed and her own independent label.


Catherine Lowe

Known for her original and unique construction techniques and her pairing of luxury fiber with elegant design, Catherine has developed an approach to hand-knitting that rethinks its traditional technical and design vocabularies and translates distinctive elements of couture dressmaking into refined techniques for the hand-knitter. Catherine teaches widely, designs for her eponymous brand, and is the author of The Ravell’d Sleeve.





We asked ourselves what our ideal knitting event would look like. From that conversation, Knitting with Company was born.



Knitting with Company is an experience unlike any other in our knitting lives. We gather in a place that inspires calm and relaxation in order to truly unwind, connect with others and nourish our creativity. We bring a few of our industry friends along with us and invite you to bring your friends, too.



We don't plan any classes or formal instruction. We're there to knit and to share our knitting with you. Bring one of our designs on your needles and if you need some help, all you have to do is ask. We'll be happy to answer your questions, help you with a tricky technique, explain or clarify a difficult pattern instruction. Or we can just talk about knitting. We also make sure there’s a well-curated pop-up shop to help you out if you’ve forgotten something or to inspire a new project.



We believe that time spent with others who share our passions is essential. We believe in the restorative power of community and in the ideas and inspiration that come from the moments we spend with others. We want to share those moments with you, our fellow knitters.


Knitting with Company Retreats

Knitting with Company Retreats are knitting retreats in the truest sense. For these multi-day events, we partner with colleagues who share our notion of community and endorse our vision. Together we create an experience that will take you worlds away from your every-day to a place without obligation, where you have only time on your hands to knit and friends with whom to share your passion and your stories.


A day with CompaNy

In the same spirit as our multi-day retreats, but in the context of a smaller and more intimate gathering, A Day with Company is just that, one day of knitting bliss shared with your friends and ours. As with the longer and larger retreats, there are no classes or instruction, but the two of us are there with a friend or two of ours, lots of knitting talk and a highly curated pop-up shop.

Keep scrolling to find out where you can Knit with Company next and to get a glimpse of our past events.





2017 events



Knitting in the City RETREAT

New York City, NY. Friday evening 3/3 through Sunday afternoon 3/5. Hosted by Purl Soho.

Featuring the Purl Soho Design Team. You will visit Purl Soho's Broome Street store for a private shopping experience. You will spend your days in two gorgeous Brooklyn creative spaces. You will eat specially catered food morning, noon, and night. And you will knit!



IslandWood, Bainbridge Island, WA. Thursday evening 4/20 through Sunday morning 4/23. Hosted by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas.

Featuring Clara Parkes & Cecelia Campochario. Three nights of lodging, meals, activities, and giveaways. Kick back, share stories, enjoy great food and peaceful surroundings. We'll be hanging out with you the whole time, keeping your needles moving.




3rd Floor Gallery, Hudson, NY, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday 9/9. Hosted by Company.

Julie and Catherine will be joined by Sarah Solomon for one day of knitting bliss in hip Hudson NY. Breakfast and lunch by Talbott & Arding; all things knitting by Sarah, Julie and Catherine; a highly curated pop-up shop by Company. Not to be missed and definitely to be shared with all your knitting friends.





While we are so busy enjoying the time we have with our attendees . . . we do manage to capture a few special moments.





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