about us

Company is dedicated to bringing together friends and strangers to experience the magic of community that happens when we gather to share our common passion for knitting. We believe that time spent with others who share our passions is essential. We believe in the restorative power of community and in the ideas and inspiration that come from the moments we are with others. We want to share those moments with you, our fellow knitters.

We're Julie Hoover and Catherine Lowe.  We can't wait to knit with you.


Julie Hoover

Recognized for her minimal aesthetic and attention to fine detail, Julie  designs knitwear that is simultaneously casual and elegant. Her signature style evolved over many years of work as a visual merchandiser, art director, and freelance designer. A lifelong passion for fiber led her to receive a BA in Clothing & Textiles, but it took her nearly two more decades to discover—and focus entirely on—hand knitting. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Julie spends her time designing for her independent label as well as for other brands such as Purl Soho and Brooklyn Tweed.


Catherine Lowe

Known for her original and unique construction techniques and her pairing of luxury fiber with elegant design, Catherine has developed an approach to hand-knitting that rethinks its traditional technical and design vocabularies and translates distinctive elements of couture dressmaking into refined techniques for the hand-knitter. Catherine teaches widely, designs for her eponymous brand, and is the author of The Ravell’d Sleeve.